Photographs and Videos

Here you can find photos of the different activities, work, projects and all those persons who have been a part of the AMA organization.

Preparation of Signs

The signs which are found on the Chileno, Cuernos, and Seron Trail are handcrafted by the AMA volunteers, who are also in charge of sign maintenance. Similar signs can also be found in the area around the Hotel Las Torres and the AMA Educational Trail. 



Outdoor School

​​Environmental education for children in Torres del Paine, coordinating trail activities, team working, camping and much more.

Lectures and Training


These educational activities are geared toward the public and have the purpose of spreading knowledge and respect on the topics of the environment. These lectures are highlighted by scientists, who also lead the training courses and the expositions developed by volunteers.



Condor Project

Observation of the Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus) at 300 meters height in the Cañadón Pedro, closely located to the Laguna Amarga Entrance in Torres del Paine.



Puma Project

By means of this project, a closer relationship with one of the most elusive animals in Torres del Paine has been achieved.

Orchids Projects

Here you can see a selection of the best photos of registered orchids during the project, along with other photos of the activities involved with the project.

Ecological Restoration of Forests affected by Fire

Here you can find the photography of the plantations of Laguna Azul, Grey, and Angostura Paine.

Trail Work

The trails are constantly in need of upkeep, not only due to the erosion of use but also climatic factors. The AMA team is concerned with clearing the paths, deviating water courses, marking the borders of the trails and all other maintenance needs. 

Volunteers Photographs

The soul of the AMA organization, who give life to all of the projects and activities which develop in Torres del Paine.

Volunteers Videos

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