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Proyecto Bombus dahlbomii

There are many things unknown about the natural riches of the region of Magallanes. Did you know that in Chile the world's largest bumblebee is ?, did you know that there is a national campaign to evaluate the apparent, but marked decline in the population of bees natives?.


AMA Torres del Paine has proposed to undertake a project to support the campaign "save our Bumblebee" * and prospecting for her presence in the Torres del Paine and its potential threat.


Through a systematic compilation of background work we hope to consolidate a clear description of the situation of the bumblebee, to propose ations recovery of the population with arguments based on our work.


2014 - 2015


Interpretive Trail

The interpretive trail is located in the area of ​​the towers near the Hotel Las Torres . In This trail you can find examples of 4 Magallanic biotic provinces , native plants and wetlands , and can be traveled in 1.5 hours as it has a low difficulty


2014 - 2015


Environmental Education School Camps

Environmental education camp is an opportunity to learn and have fun at Torres del Paine. The program includes transportation from Punta Arenas to Torres del Paine Punta Arenas , four meals, participation in recreational activities and AMA activities. In spring/summer season ( October to March ) is performed in tents and in autumn (March to May) in Refugios. Search by cost and availability.

2014 - 2015


AMA’s library

AMA library is the result of a campaign of book donations . This library is located in the domes of AMA and can be accessed by all people who want to read a book in Torres del Paine.

Soon ... .. Our library catalog

2014 - 2015


Plataforma de Reforestación Permanente

Nuestra Organización esta profundamente  involucrada en la recuperación del bosque nativo que se ha perdido con los continuos incendios forestales ocurridos durante la historia reciente del Parque Nacional Torres del Paine.

Es por esto que se hemos considerado que es una  necesidad implementar una plataform,a permanente de reforestacion para las cuales se han puesto en marcha los siguientes proyectos:


  • Programa de reforestación voluntaria para turistas en Torres del Paine.

  • Campamentos Escolares de Reforestación.

  • Especialistas en Reforestación

  • Vivero Forestal.



Lengas seed Site

It is a project funded by the Ministry of Environment of Chile and a proposal for AMA Torres del Paine. Here, we prepared the environment for collect Lenga seeds (Chilean Native Tree), which will be used to restore lenga burnt forests . This place is situated in Torres del Paine , inside of the estancia Torres del Paine.



20 mil lengas para el Paine

20 Mil Lenga was a reforestation campaign organized by AMA and conducted by schools of the Region de Magallanes , which allowed a little more than 16,000 LENGAS , which will be reforested in burned areas of Torres del Paine National Park. The campaign gave prizes for three courses of three schools, however,AMA decided to incorporate more than 10 courses have the honor to reforest in Torres del Paine. So far we have planted some 4,000 plants and the remaining will be reforested during the month of May this year .

2013 - 2014


Huemules Proyect

This project consists of a series of actions that AMA done to assist in the conservation of the huemul, a Chilean native deer . The huemul is an Endangered species and is under legal protection in the Republic of Chile

2012 - 2014


Restauración Ecológica de Bosques de Lenga

AMA Torres del Paine has designed a proposal known as “AMA Plan of Ecologic Restoration and Reforestation in Forest Fire Areas of Torres del Paine” (abbreviated, AMA plan of restoration of forests). This plan seeks to not only satisfy the objectives of sowing and reforestation, but to establish the foundation of information which allows for monitoring and continuing the process of developing affected areas. The AMA plan of restoration of forests considers successive stages of evaluation for damage caused by forest fires, detection and characterization of ecosystems for reference, exclusion of herbivores from sown areas, sowing plant-life, evaluation of the plantation and proposal of monitoring ecological variables for effect of the success of the restoration.

2012 - 2013


Las Orquídeas de Torres del Paine

This project is focused on developing a program to monitor and spread the orchid flora of the Torres del Paine National Park, establishing tourist routes which help with the assessment of success. 

2010 - 2012


Actividad de Vuelo de Cóndor Andino

Ricardo Guineo, being a student in his final year for Licensure in Biological Sciences at the Universidad Catolica de Chile in 2010, presented a proposal to work in conjunction with AMA to complete his thesis. The project was named “Determination of schedules of activity of the Andean Condor in the Torres del Paine National Park” and along with AMA it was established in the Park and had the support with the observation and monitoring of terrain. Today Ricardo, son of the known investigators Gladys Garay and Oscar Guineo, continues his studies within the National Park. As a biologist, he leads the project which has always held his attention. This project consists of a study of the activity of condors, relating to distinct hours of the day and climate factors. There are not many studies regarding the behavior of these birds, especially in Torres el Pain e and it is interesting to see how the factor of wind among others, can affect the conduct of the condors´ flight. This year corresponds to the 3 year anniversary of monitoring, and there is an important compilation of information which displays interesting conclusions related to the conduct of these emblematic birds.



Puma Proyect

The importance of the Puma Project is to determine what happens on the land, monitoring the collection of information to determine the interactions between livestock, estancia activities, and the puma. The existing information is based solely on interviews, and it is important information, but not sufficient enough to determine the politics of the management. Our information permitted the creation of conservation plans and the management of the puma within the estancias and adjacent areas of the Torres del Paine National Park. The project also attempts to create plans which permit practices to reduce the pressure on livestock generated by the puma, based on the ecological evidence. In this sense, we eagerly await that this project permits a plan of action and management of the puma in a more coherent manner than has been previously practiced in the Magallanes Region.
Proyectos Asociados
Talleres Científicos Programa Explora Magallanes -AMA
1er Simposio Regional Científico Escolar
en Torres del Paine, Cerro Castillo 2014
El 3 y  4 de Octubre de 2014 se realizaró el Primer Simposio Regional de Ciencias, donde Alumnos destacados de la Región presentarán charlas relativas a los trabajos cientificos que hacen en sus respectivo Talleres de Ciencias. 

Este Simposio fué creado y Organizado por AMA Torres del Paine, con la colaboración de el Programa Asociativo Regional Explora Magallanes y el Apoyo de la Ilustre Municipalidad de Torres del Paine.  

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