About us

The AMA organization is conformed of a group of persons, investigators, workers and businesses, who share the vision of contributing to the Torres del Paine Community by means of conservation, investigation, education and development of sustainable tourism. The development of sustainable tourism is an economic pillar in this area and the Magallanes region.

Who Leads AMA:

As far as the structural function, AMA is a community group which is currently composed of 20 partners, most of which have been a part of the organization since its´ inception.


Founding Partners

Christian Morales

Arriving at Torres del Paine for a one week trek, and finishing the trip 12 years later. An engineer in the Administration of Businesses, he worked in diverse areas of tourism and in 2004 cofounded the AMA Torres del Paine Organization. Christian specialized in the management of wildlife areas in the UConn, becoming a volunteer for National Park and Forest Services in the Grand Teton area of the United States. Until July of 2011, he worked as the Head of Refugio Operations for Fantastico Sur. Christian currently lives in Germany.

Liliana Kusanovic

Graduating with a Civil Engineering degree from the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, she is a tourism entrepreneur and co-proprietor of Hotel Las Torres.  Liliana has be highlighted on a national level for her participation within the tourism industry and for her political work for the Magallanes Region. She has always been linked to the environmental issues of the area, supporting the management and functionality of AMA since its´ beginning.

Josian Yaksic K.

Living in the United States until he was 12 years old, Josian returned and began working in the National Park as a guide in 2001. He finished his studies in Business at the Universidad de Canberra, Australia. In 2004, along with Christian Morales, Josian created the AMA Torres del Paine Organization.


Mauricio Kusanovic


Paola Milosevic


Josian Yaksic K.


Executive Team

Nelson Bahamonde


Jassna Tecay


Christian Andrade

technical secretary

External Adviser Team

Osvaldo Vidal

Scientific Advisor

Viviana Bauk

Proyect Adviser

Jonathan Barría A.

Design and Comunications