About us

Our mission is to help with the conservation of natural resources and cultures within the area of Torres del Paine, Magallanes, Chile.



The objectives of AMA include supporting conservation, scientific investigation and environmental education. These activities within the Torres del Paine National Park and its´ surrounding areas help minimize negative impacts and diminish the risk of future environment problems, as well as maintain the natural resources and cultures of the area.



Help to conserve the integrity and diversity of the ecosystems within the Torres del Paine area.

  • Encourage the use of natural resources in a responsible and sustainable manner.

  • Support the conservation of the different ecosystems within the Torres del Paine area.

  • Support the conservation of the wild flora and fauna within the Torres del Paine area.


Diminish the impacts generated by human activity.

  • Support the use of sustainable practices for tourism in the area.

  • Promote various ways to responsibly enjoy the environment.


Contribute to scientific investigation.

  • Prioritize and coordinate methods of action and investigation.

  • Support the investigation of impacted areas.

  • Desarrollar una biblioteca científica que incluya publicaciones e investigadores trabajando en la comuna.


Increase the environmental education.

  • Create elements for educational information and interpretation to better understand the natural and cultural situations.

  • Sensitize and create awareness for the importance of the Torres del Paine National park within the community.

  • Motivate and encourage appropriate conduct which helps with the conservation of the natural environment.