What we do 

Work Areas

1. Conservation

Manteance of Trails:

Since its´ origins, AMA has been in charge of the maintenance of trails, and this is its´ main focus regarding the conservation of areas of public use.


The AMA organization was born, along with other terms, to primarily maintain the trails which are found within the private sector composing the Estancia Cerro Paine. As this area is not part of the CONAF jurisdiction, it is a strategic point and the beginning of the principle trails and trekking circuits for the Torres del Paine National Park.


The Chileno Trail, the point where the hike to the Viewpoint of Las Torres  (1 day hike), the Cuernos Trail, which is the start of finish of the W circuit (4 or 5 days hike), and the Seron Trail, which is the start for the O circuit (7 to 10 days hike) are all located in this sector. Furthermore, an Eductional Trail was created from the principle flora and fauna, located in the forest around the Hotel Las Torres.


The maintenance of the trails is an ongoing challenge, and continues to compose a large portion of the efforts of the organization. Along with this work, the maintenance of the signage on the trails is also a primary focus. Each and every sign that can be found on these trails has been designed and built by the hands of AMA volunteers.

Managment of Waste:

AMA designed a Waste Management Plan directed towards the tourist operators within the Estancia Cerro Paine to improve their processes and become more environmentally friendly.


The plan includes not only management of waste but also of resources. Additionally it incorporates the production of environmental information, education of the workers, recollection and separation of trash, generation of bio-filters, and much more.


2. Educación

Outdoors School:

This project is focused primarily to the integral strengthening of high school students´ education in regards to the environment, based on the concept of outdoor education and “expeditionary education”.


Offering both educational camping and expeditions in the Torres del Paine National Park,  developed for the skill level of the group and allowing the participants to immerse themselves in an array of topics such as; intellectual discussion regarding environmental education, leadership, working in teams, mountain techniques, training values, coexisting and outdoor ability.


The groups are directed by a team of professionals and volunteers of AMA,  advised by park guides and persons of expertise regarding the area. The primary objective is to establish the integral strengthening of the students through an educational expedition outdoors with the goal of including environmental education and working in teams.

Other educational activites:

AMA has designed distinct ways to achieve environmental awareness in people, from which small campaigns at the local level have appeared with the objective of sharing information and creating a consciousness of respect towards the environment.


Through this, informational points on the trails are organized to explain the basic concepts of leaving no trace. There are also photography contests with related to environmental conservation, workshops on waste management, and so on. AMA is in charge of the Interpretative Center of Hotel Las Torres, where each year lectures are organized by scientists and other experts in their perspective areas, documentary screenings, and distinct activities oriented to raise awareness for the public, employees, and tourists, all relating to the topics regarding the environment.

3. Investigation

The development of science at the local level has been a top priority of AMA since its´ origins, beginning with support for projects from outside investigators and later raising funds for projects developed by the authority of the organization.


In support of the investigations, AMA has associated projects, which include; handling the logistics of manpower for the investigators, scientists, and graduate students who develop their studies in the park.  Many projects are also completely designed and executed in totality by the AMA team.

We are always working. With own projects and collaborations work in Estancia Cerro Paine

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