Get to Know Our Volunteer Program?


Becoming an AMA volunteer provides the experience of living in the Torres del Paine National Park, interacting with persons from distinct cultures and professions, and learning about the local culture. You not only visit the National Park, you become a part of it.

Everything you need to know:

On this page you will find the most important thing to know about our volunteering.


However we invite you to review the complete information by downloading the manual from this link volunteering :

How does the Volunteer Program function?

It is a program that was developed in Torres del Paine and functions between seasons of Spring and autumn, from the months of October to May every year (primarily dependent upon weather conditions).


We seek persons who want to be a part of the AMA team, who have the ability to work in information center for people and to develop outdoor activities, enjoy working in teams, and have a special appreciation for the environment.

We wish to form teams of persons with fresh ideas and plenty of motivation so that AMA can continue to achieve its´ objectives.

What types of Volunteering does AMA offer?
Scholarship for volunteers

*includes roundtrip transportation from Punta Arenas To Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, plus food and accommodation.

There is also another form of participating as a volunteer, which we call the Volunteer Program A DISTANCIA.


The volunteer for A DISTANCIA consists of lending impartial help for the organization, not necessarily taking place in Torres del Paine. In this way, the works and projects which the volunteer could participate would be of the intellectual type, collaborating in areas such as planning, marketing, translations, computer assistance, etc.

Application Form
Here you will find the necessary forms to admit your application , remember !, if documents are missing , we can not continue with the evaluation process for you:
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the deadlines for application ?

Deadline Application

Dates of Volunteer Service: 

2019: September,   October,   November,   December

Aug 30th

Nov 30th

2020: January,   February,   March,   April,  May

What documents are needed for the application ?

a) Completed application form **

b) Copy of identfication (passport, drivers license or government-issued ID card).**

c) Medical certificate of fitness for work in the field.**

d) Criminal record.*

e) Simple statement of acceptance of the program conditions.**

f ) Signed liability waiver.**

*If you cant get these certificates in your country?, Contact us at

**Mandatory documents


Do I need a Work Visa?

You can enter the country with a tourist visa, and it is not necessary to have a license for volunteer work. You should have proper medical insurance for your safety. Chile offers medical insurance at approximately $60,000. CLP per month.


What should I bring?

Backpack, tent, sleeping bag, insulation, headlamp/flashlight, t-shirts, synthetic pants (not cotton if possible), synthetic shirts, jacket, windbreaker, gloves, beanie, hiking boots, sunglasses, sun block, personal hygiene products, cup and utensils, water bottle, and your camera. (You will be sent a more detailed list once you apply)


How is the weather?

The Patagonian climate is quite unstable, with it being said that you could experience the four seasons in the same day, so it is important to be prepared for everything. In the Summer, the temperatures fluctuate between 4°C (39°F) and 23°C (73°F) and at the drop of a hat, a perfect calm can be replaced by winds of more than 100km per hour. In the Spring and Fall, the weather is a bit more stable but the hours of sunlight decrease drastically to approximately nine hours. In the Winter, the temperatures fluctuate between -10°C and hasta los 15°C and minimal winds. It generally snows in June, July, and August.


What does the Volunteer Program include?

The program includes lodging, food, and transport from Puerto Natales to the Estancia Cerro Paine. You will be provided lodging in there enabled camping zone with two domes; Domo lounge and Domo Bedroom with ten beds, where you are surrounded by a welcoming environment and breathtaking scenery. The four meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner) are proportioned. If you have any diet specifications, we recommend bringing what you need because there is not a large selection once inside the park and the prices tend to be high. On your rest days, you are welcome venture in the Torres del Paine National Park but those costs that may incur are not included with the program.


What can I expect of the language?

Chileans speak rather quickly in general, and this is only increased in the area of Patagonia. Many people may need time to become accustomed to the speed and idioms which are utilized. Without a doubt, Patagonians are very friendly and patient, so there will be ample opportunity to practice and learn.


How much money will I need?

You will not need much money on the days you are volunteering. During your free days, you can trek and venture into the Park, and although being an AMA volunteer allows for certain discounts, we recommend bringing money. There are no ATMs, supermarkets, or pharmacies in the park; these can only be found in Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas. We recommend buying all your necessary items before entering the Park.


How can I contact family and friends?

There is a telephone network and satellite internet, please keep in mind that we are in a remote location. The telephone calls can be expensive, especially international calls. Cell phone service is non-existent in the Park. The satellite internet is always available for the volunteers and when it does not intervene with program activities.