If this season you travel to Torres del Paine    


and help us to take care of the 8th wonder of the world


Mandatory Reservation

Due to the high demand for trekking along the trails in Torres del Paine NP,  the amount of people will be managed, according to the maximum capacity for each place.  
From the beginning of this season, it will be a “must” to book in advance all the accommodations at Torres del Paine National Park, as it will be controlled by the National Park through CONAF, this is because the amount of people along the trails in the W Trek & Paine Circuit will be managed, according to the maximum capacity for each place.  This includes accommodations in Fantástico Sur, Vértice Patagonia and CONAF

  do not forget to book in advance!  

Bookings at:

This small gesture will help us generate a responsible tourism in the Torres del Paine National Park

For your consideration:

  • This will be controlled in the entrances to the National Park, Laguna Amarga, Sarmiento, Serrano and Pudeto pier, so it will be allowed to stay only with previous reservation.

  • If you arrive into the park and to the entrance to Estancia Cerro Paine (Welcome Center & Francés entrance), where the accommodations of Fantástico Sur are located, without previous reservation, it will be possible to book.

  • There could not be availability, because of the high demand for W Circuit and Paine Circuit.

    Prices will be 20% higher if booked directly at the “Welcome Center” and Francés Access.

  • Prices booked directly in the accommodation (if you don´t make it at the Welcome Center) will be the double.